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Capulet - ROMEO & JULIET
Capulet - ROMEO & JULIET

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Freddie - MY FAIR LADY
Freddie - MY FAIR LADY

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FRIENDS! The Musical Parody

"Special kudos belong to AC Rutherford though, who not only plays Chandler with charm and a perfect amount of dry wit, but also earns the musical’s biggest laughs appearing as some of the series’ best guest stars, including the scene-stealing Janice, to absolutely hysterical effect. AC's delivery of the famous phrase 'Oh. My. Gawwd,' is perhaps even more iconic than the original line’s reading on the show."

Jennifer Verzuh, StarryMag,

"Most fabulous of all is AC Rutherford, for whom Chandler is just the tip of a hilarious iceberg, the laugh-getter also showing up as Paulo, Ursula, Marcell, 'Tom Selleck, and (best of all) the one-and-only Janice."

Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

"AC Rutherford revives the perpetually unfunny Chandler (but boy, Rutherford is funny playing him and other of the series's recurring characters.)"

Dany Margolies, Los Angeles Daily News

"Rutherford plays a number of supporting characters, all of which are attacked with great relish. Old Man Selleck, in particular, is really quite funny."

Alex Huntsberger, Chicago Sun Times

"And speaking of Janice, Chandler's one-time girlfriend appears brilliantly onstage, done by AC Rutherford, who also plays Ross's friend Marcel and even Tom Selleck."

Rick and Brenda McCain of Let's Play Inc. for ChicagoNow

"Rutherford is tuned into the part, has an engaging baritone, and makes the pairing with Monica work as nicely as it did in the original show... Without spoiling the fun, some guests show up in several scenes that will have your sides aching!"

Paul Bolton, BroadwayWorld Kansas City

"Rutherford, who approaches Chandler with fresh interpretation, frequently steps away from Chandler duties to play our favorite recurring personalities. Each entrance gets the audience hooting with affection, and me along with them."

Aaron Wallace, BroadwayWorld Orlando

"Along with Chandler, standout AC Rutherford shines when playing Janice, Chandler's girlfriend with a hefty amount of energy and poise... In the heartfelt ballad Could I Be Anymore in Love With You?, Rutherford succeeds in delivering a true and heartfelt message."

Brian Stanczak-Tuscany, BroadwayWorld Detroit

My Fair Lady

"Rutherford is perfect as Freddy, the upper-class twit attempting to woo Eliza."

Mark Wedel, MLive

The Who's TOMMY

"Ugh, creepy Uncle Ernie in a brown leisure suit -- AC Rutherford gives vividness to the disturbing character."

Mark Wedel, MLive